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“Finally, we have in DiagnosTechs reliable, scientific, clinically useful, functional lab testing that I have found has immediate and significant application to patient care.”

M.D. Board Certified
Internal Medicine
Atlanta, GA


“I am an ND specializing in women’s heath and hormone balancing. I have been using DiagnosTechs Lab for nearly eight years and have always been pleased with the service and personalized assistance that I have received from the physicians on staff and the customer service personnel at the lab. My patients are always so relieved to find out that their symptoms are not ‘all in their heads’ and that there is a logical and specific reason they are feeling the way they do. I appreciate the relationship and partnership that I have developed with DiagnosTechs and look forward to what lies ahead in the exciting field of hormone testing and treatment.”

Dr. Allison Patton BSc.(Hons.), MBA, ND
Mountainview Wellness Centre
South Surrey, BC, Canada


“Many women find DiagnosTechs test results shed insight into health complaints which have gone unanswered for years. The DiagnosTechs GI Health Panel has been an invaluable tool in my differential diagnoses of pelvic pain often identifying causes of irritable bowel symptoms.”

“The Adrenal Stress Index and Female Hormone Panel have contributed greatly to the individualized care we provide women in the perimenopausal years.”

M.D. Board Certified
Palo Alto, CA


“I have found DiagnosTechs, Inc. to be of immeasurable value in helping me to evaluate and monitor my patients and provide effective care. The innovative tests, the reproducibility of results and the technical support – all with the highest of scientific standards – have provided me with consistent and reliable data. They are tops!”

M.D. General Practice
Seattle, WA


“I have been happy with the services provided by DiagnosTechs, Inc. in the past two and half years. With the saliva hormone evaluations and the excellent technical support, I have been able to fine tune management of many clinical conditions. Thanks for being part of my team.”

M.D. Family Practice
Houston, TX


“Since using the services provided by DiagnosTechs laboratory, I have been able to help many patients with hormonal and gastrointestinal disturbances who were otherwise undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.”

M.D. General Practice
Carrboro, NC


“I was delighted with the service DiagnosTechs provided. I live in Australia, however my specialist is in the US and highly recommended using DiagnosTechs. Immediately I ran into customs challenges for shipping samples internationally. The staff at DiagnosTechs was a tremendous help in providing local courier contacts in Australia and I was eventually able to bypass a lot of the bureaucracy and get my samples to the US. The DiagnosTechs test results also found pathogens which had never been identified by other laboratories in the past.”

K.C., patient
Noosa, Australia