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At DiagnosTechs, we view ourselves as your laboratory partner and a seamless extension of your practice. Everyone you speak with at DiagnosTechs is educated, experienced, and ready to help guide you toward more accurate diagnosis and better treatment outcomes for your patients. We believe that the combination of our laboratory and clinical expertise, along with industry-leading technology and a focus on superior service, will prompt DiagnosTechs to become your laboratory of choice for saliva hormone testing and comprehensive stool evaluations.

What We Do

Saliva Hormone Testing
We focus on highly precise and clinically relevant adrenal function and sex hormone tests and panels. Perhaps our best-known panel is the Adrenal Stress Index (ASI), which was the first routine clinical saliva test for cortisol assessing the circadian rhythm over a whole day. Our Female Hormone Panel (FHP) maps hormones through an entire menstrual cycle with 11 saliva samples.

Stool Testing
In the past several years, we made significant investments in microbiology so that our Gastrointestinal Health Panels are extremely comprehensive to help guide your treatment to resolution.

Specialty Panels
Additional specialty panels for toxic metals testing, bone health, yeast culture, and panel customization are offered for specific patient needs.

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Why Choose DiagnosTechs for your Patients?

Fast, Accurate, Detailed Results

Strict internal standards, awards, and accreditations like the Joint Commission ensure that every patient sample is handled with the utmost care and priority to deliver accurate, insightful results that providers can use to pinpoint the underlying causes of patient symptoms.

We report saliva test results within 5-7 business days, and stool test results within 7-9 business days, so our providers can move forward with result interpretation and follow-up treatment quickly.

Personal, Professional Service

We are invested in personal service for our providers, which starts when you call our laboratory. We are always available by phone during business hours, and you will be greeted by a live person who is trained in the administration of our tests and will help you as efficiently as possible. We value your time and want you to be free to focus on treating your patients.

Expertise and technology are one thing. Exceptional service and support complete the picture and deliver an experience that shines. Our service and support staff has experience working with medical providers and receives special training to understand provider needs with respect to laboratory work. Our team treats each patient’s test with care, so our providers will be ready to prescribe an effective treatment protocol and facilitate an excellent outcome for their patients. Our providers appreciate the personal care and attention we deliver.

Diagnostic Excellence

From the time we first introduced saliva cortisol testing to routine practice in 1989, DiagnosTechs has pursued the limits of non-invasive testing through research and development.

Saliva hormone testing allows the measurement of unbound, bioavailable hormones. Because saliva sample collection is non-invasive, samples can be collected at home throughout the day or over several days. Our Female Hormone Panel includes the collection of 11 saliva samples over an entire 28-day or longer menstrual cycle. This way, we capture the variance of hormones over time so providers can view a chronobiological sequence of hormone levels and treat their patients according to their natural hormonal variations. These tenets are applied to a wide range of adrenal and sex hormones when results are bundled together in one of our test panels.

In addition to our hormone testing, we offer comprehensive GI screening for microbes and parasites and other biological markers, including calprotectin, to identify and help differentiate between IBD and IBS for treatment planning.

We also have a number of specialized testing panels, including our popular Flexi-Matrix panels, which are fully customizable for our providers to choose the exact tests they want for their patients.

Accuracy, Detail, Clinical Expertise

Our Research and Development department and laboratory are led by professionals who are dedicated to the constant refinement and validation of existing tests. They also develop and validate new tests that will be offered by our laboratory in the future to help your patients reach their wellness goals.

Similarly, our Medical Support department includes physicians who have all worked in private practice for years. Our medical staff is available for complimentary consultations with providers who would like to discuss anything from selecting specific test combinations to test result interpretation and treatment options.


We are always looking for new technology that will improve our testing capabilities. Currently, our clinical and research laboratories are equipped with gas and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS) for sensitive and exact molecular identification, matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry for quick and comprehensive identification of microorganisms, and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS/MS) for trace-level analysis of heavy metals and other clinically relevant elements. To learn more about our technology, visit our technology page.

How It Works

Simple, Free Account Setup
We understand that medical providers are extremely busy, and because of that, our processes are designed to be simple and convenient. Our application is in a simple one-page format that asks for your license and contact information to be submitted at your convenience.

Once we verify your information, you will need to complete a brief provider profile, then access to your account will be granted so you may:

  • Order test kits
  • Check results
  • View your account history
  • Read our provider-only educational materials
  • Schedule complimentary consultations with a physician in our Medical Support department

On-Demand Inventory
You can order tests to keep in your office, or you can have test kits drop-shipped directly to your patient’s home.

Convenient Sample Collection
With your direction, your patient will collect their samples in the convenience of their home.

Precise and Reliable Results, Delivered Quickly
Receive results notifications fastest by email, or you can choose to receive results by fax or physical mail. Results can be easily retrieved from your account so you can make recommendations and guide your patients to enhance their health.

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