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Insurance Policy Change

As a company specializing in noninvasive testing for 35 years, we are committed to continually improving our service throughout all of our departments.

We feel it is our responsibility to fully educate and advise our providers and patients on what is in their best interest.

The years of insurance billing at DiagnosTechs have brought valuable insight to the world of commercial insurance and coverage of our tests.

DiagnosTechs has always offered our insurance billing services as a courtesy, despite not being contracted with any commercial insurance company, and despite saliva testing falling out of coverage with the vast majority of insurance companies.

Providing this service has given our patients the opportunity and flexibility to have their insurance cover the cost of testing.

However, when billing insurance directly, DiagnosTechs is legally bound to charge the patient the higher insurance price, with the patient then being liable for any out-of-network charges, co-pays, and deductibles that their insurance does not cover.

Moving Forward, in an effort to minimize these potential added costs for patients, DiagnosTechs will no longer bill commercial insurance companies.

DiagnosTechs will offer every client the direct patient pay cost per test, and upon request, patients will be provided with a “Superbill” that includes the Test Panels, Lab codes, CPT codes, Diagnosis codes, description of tests, charge per test, EIN for DiagnosTechs, Inc., providers NPI, and other relevant information needed for submitting an insurance claim.

This statement will allow each patient to seek reimbursement through their insurance provider directly without the risk of being charged the higher insurance billed rate if no coverage is offered.

Our Client Services team is here to answer any questions you may have Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.