Patient FAQ

Getting started with testing

Q: How do I test through DiagnosTechs?

A: A licensed healthcare provider needs to order the appropriate test kit through DiagnosTechs. Patients collect samples following the instructions in each kit, and then send the test kit back to the laboratory to be processed. Results will be reported to the ordering provider upon completion.

Q: Does DiagnosTechs work with customers outside of the United States?

A: Yes, healthcare providers around the world use DiagnosTechs to help restore the health of their patients and promote overall wellness.

Q: How can I find a provider that works with DiagnosTechs?

A: Test kits must be provided by a licensed healthcare provider and patient results are released to providers directly. Patients can contact DiagnosTechs regarding questions about sample collections and/or insurance. If you are looking for a healthcare provider who offers our tests, find one near you with our provider directory.

Receiving Test Results

Q: How are my test results delivered?

A: Test results are reported directly to the ordering health care provider via email, fax or mail, depending on the provider’s preference. Patients may obtain a copy of their results directly from the ordering healthcare provider.

Q: How long will it take to receive my test results?

A: Most of our tests take 5-7 business days with the exception of Cycling Female Hormone Panels (FHP and eFHP), Gastrointestinal Health Panels (GI-1 and GI-02, Fungal/Yeast Culture (CS1) and Bacteria/Microflora culture (GP3), which take 7-9 business days. Results will be delivered by the method that your healthcare provider has selected.

What can interfere with testing?

Q: I have not been diagnosed with Gingivitis but sometimes I have bleeding gums. Should I fill in the circle?

A: Yes.

Q: If I am taking a certain medication or supplement how long will I have to be off of it prior to testing?

A: It is up to your provider whether you discontinue or continue taking a medication or supplement prior to or during testing. Your provider will need to interpret the results with discretion, and (s)he has the option of speaking to Medical Support to discuss the different options

Q: Should I stop using hormone replacement before the test?

A: Discuss with your provider.

Q: How does taking birth control pills affect the test?

A: Birth control pills can have a significant influence on hormone results. Discuss with your ordering provider.

Q: Does alcohol affect test results?

A: No more than one serving of alcohol should be consumed when collecting an Adrenal Stress Index Panel (ASI).

Q: What is meant by Botanicals?

A: Botanicals are plant origin supplements.

Q: Will lipstick or lip balm have an adverse effect on the results?

A: Do not wear lipstick or lip balm on the day before or the day of saliva collection as it could affect the results.

Q: Does intercourse influence test results for sex hormone tests or Adrenal tests?

A: Intercourse may affect hormone results, however you do not need to alter your activity before testing unless your provider instructs you to do so.

Q: If a patient neglects to rinse his/her mouth prior to collecting saliva, must (s)he recollect?

A: If you see blood or food contamination in the sample, recollect.

Q: What is meant by “do not suck too strongly”?

A: Attempting to aggressively express saliva can cause blood contamination in the saliva.

Q: What if I brushed my teeth 30-60 minutes before collection?

A: You will need to recollect.

Sample Storage

Q: How long can samples be stored prior to mailing?

A: Stool and saliva samples can be kept in refrigeration for up to 3-5 days before being mailed.

Q: Are you supposed to refrigerate samples?

A: Yes, except for hormone tests that are collected over multiple days. This includes the FHP, eFHP, PeriM, and ePeriM. Samples for these tests should be frozen. Do not freeze stool samples.