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Custom Flexi-Matrix

Custom Flexi-Matrix kits allow your provider to create an individualized testing array from a wide range of saliva and stool tests.

Flexi-Matrix test kits are the best way to meet specialized, specific patient needs.
  • Medical providers can choose three or more individual tests from our test menu.
  • Flexi-Matrix custom panels can confirm or rule out multiple possible diagnoses.
  • As follow-up, Flexi-Matrix custom panels can be used to verify treatment progress or outcome.

All Tests Available for Custom Flexi-Matrix Panels

Male and Female Hormones
  • Follicle stimulating hormone
  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Estrone
  • Estradiol
  • Estriol
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • Androstenedione
  • Dihydrotestosterone
Adrenal and Stress Hormones
  • Cortisol, 6am – 8am
  • Cortisol, 11am – 1pm
  • Cortisol, 4pm – 5pm
  • Cortisol, 10pm – Midnight
  • Cortisol, 2am – 4am
  • 17-OH Progesterone
Metabolic Markers
  • Insulin, Fasting
  • Insulin, Non-Fasting
Food Sensitivity and Mucosal Immunity
  • Egg (ovalbumin) antibody, sIgA
  • Milk (casein) antibody, sIgA
  • Soy (protein) antibody, sIgA
  • Gluten (gliadin) antibody, sIgA
  • Total salivary sIgA
Gastrointestinal Pathogens – Saliva Antibodies
  • Entamoeba histolytica antibody, sIgA
  • Toxoplasma gondii antibody, sIgA
  • Helicobacter pylori antibody, IgG
  • Ascaris lumbricoides (roundworm) antibody, sIgA
  • Trichinella spiralis antibody, sIgA
  • Taenia solium (tapeworm) antibody, sIgA
Parasitic Diseases
  • Ova and parasites, one sample (microscopic exam)
  • Ova and parasites, two samples, pooled (microscopic exam)
  • Giardia antigen
  • Cryptosporidium antigen
Stool Culture and Infectious Diseases
  • Stool culture for yeast
  • Bacterial stool culture, enteric pathogens, including Campylobacter antigen and Shiga toxin
  • C. difficile toxins A & B
Gastrointestinal Inflammation and Mucosal Immunity
  • Lysozyme
  • Alpha 1-antichymotrypsin
  • Total intestinal sIgA
  • Calprotectin
Gastrointestinal Functional Markers
  • Chymotrypsin
  • Occult blood
  • Fecal pH