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Our Patient Experience

DiagnosTechs is dedicated to providing valuable, concrete insights into your health using samples that are collected noninvasively. We specialize in saliva testing for hormone balance and food sensitivity in addition to stool testing to measure microbial balance and inflammation and to identify parasites and pathogens. Learn about our tests here. Our goal is to help you and your healthcare provider improve your health so you can enjoy your life more fully.

How it Works

Tests are administered through your medical provider
We work exclusively with healthcare providers who are equipped to interpret your lab results. Ask your healthcare provider, or use our helpful provider locator tool to get started. If your healthcare provider determines that a DiagnosTechs test is appropriate for you, they will instruct you on how to take your test, and what possible treatment they will recommend based on the results.

Collect your sample(s) as directed
Sample collection is simple and instructions are included with your test kit. Since collection is noninvasive, you can collect wherever is convenient for you, whether at work, school or home.

Return your test kit
Domestic US shipping is included. All you have to do is apply the prepaid shipping label and drop your test kit off to be mailed. International shipping can be ordered at a discounted rate through our website. For more information on shipping, visit our shipping page.

Review your test results with your provider
Your provider will receive the test results in 5-7 days for saliva and 7-9 days for stool. We believe the best outcomes from our tests are produced between a patient and their healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider, who combines your individual medical history with their deep medical knowledge, training, and experience to accelerate your treatment and reach your desired outcome.

Want to hear more?

  1. Browse our website to learn more about how our tests can help identify the source of your symptoms.
  2. Ask your medical provider if a DiagnosTechs test is right for you
  3. Locate a provider with our convenient provider locator tool.

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