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Our website has been successfully restored, and efforts are ongoing to reinstate access to the provider portal. We are in the final stages of bringing the DTI system back to operational status. While these systems are offline, we encourage you to reach out to us for any assistance.

  • You can contact us at +1(800)878-3787 or +1(425)251-0596.
  • For Client and Technical Services, please email [email protected].
  • For billing-related concerns, reach out to [email protected].
  • If you have inquiries about results, kindly email us at [email protected] and include your account number and the accession number you are inquiring about.

Kindly be advised that any test kit received after November 10th has not incurred charges. Once our system is fully operational, we will promptly notify you regarding automated payment procedures. We extend our sincere apologies for the current delay in both test reporting and test ordering processes. Rest assured, we commit to resuming result reporting and kit order processing promptly upon the restoration of our system. Your understanding is highly appreciated.


We will continue to provide detailed updates on our recovery efforts in the coming days. Our commitment is to maintain communication through updates on our website:

We understand the inconvenience this service interruption may have caused and sincerely apologize for any disruption to your operations. If you have immediate questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your patience during this time is incredibly valuable to us.

Thank you for your understanding and continued partnership.

DiagnosTechs Team

Ask your healthcare provider about this essential test! Adrenal Stress Index

Having trouble losing weight? Feeling stressed, anxious, fatigued? Help keep your life in balance with our Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) test for:

DiagnosTechs is a Clinical & Research Laboratory that provides non-invasive testing options for healthcare providers and their patients.

DiagnosTechs was the first laboratory to introduce saliva testing for cortisol into routine practice. Building on that innovation, we now provide noninvasive saliva and stool test panels for a range of hormones, food sensitivities, microbes, pathogens, and parasites.

The DiagnosTechs Difference

Expertise. For more than 30 years, we have employed scientific experts to design and prove our testing methodologies.


Technology. From the lab to our research and development department, we seek and utilize the most advanced technology.


Superior Service. We pride ourselves on our professional relationships, personalized service, accuracy, and speed.

Lab-Proven Diagnostic Testing

Saliva holds an amazing amount of biological information – discoveries are being made at an accelerating pace. DiagnosTechs was the first company to introduce cortisol saliva testing to routine practice, and we continue to innovate. Over the years, we have developed an array of saliva and stool tests for hormones, food sensitivities, microbes, and parasites. Each DiagnosTechs test reflects our commitment to noninvasive testing.

Adrenal Stress Index
Our original cortisol test panel, continually refined to deliver a 24-hour hormone snapshot understanding of cortisol production and adrenal fatigue.
Female Hormones
Measuring female hormones comprehensively requires samples that are collected over time. Our panels provide everything from a snapshot to a full cycle.
Male Hormone Panel
Male Hormones
Male hormones like testosterone can have a great effect on mood and energy. Choose a male hormone panel to gain insight and direction for treatment.
GI Health Panels
Comprehensive gastrointestinal testing is a great strength of our lab. Our panels can identify microbes, pathogens, parasites, and measure inflammation markers among others with our advanced expertise.
Flexi-Matrix Test Panels
Flexi-Matrix Custom
Flexi-Matrix custom test panels allow complete power to choose from our entire library of noninvasive saliva, stool, and urine tests allowing the provider to choose the perfect combination for their patient.
Additional Tests
We have many other specialized tests including a bone health panel, yeast panel and food sensitivity panel. Learn more about our entire range of tests and panels.


Please contact us by phone, email, fax or online. We are happy to help you with questions about tests, sample collection, billing, and any other concern that you have.


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