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Helicobacter pylori Stool Antigen Test – Now Available!

Helicobacter pylori - Human StomachDiagnosTechs is pleased to announce that we now offer the H. pylori stool antigen test to complement our H. pylori salivary IgG test.

The H. pylori stool antigen test is a convenient, noninvasive, and highly accurate method for diagnosing active H. pylori infection and for monitoring treatment outcomes.

Patients should discontinue proton pump inhibitors for at least two weeks prior to H. pylori stool antigen testing. Follow up stool testing to confirm eradication of H. pylori should be performed at least four weeks after anti-microbial therapy is complete.

Providers may order the H. pylori stool antigen test directly on our online order form. The H. pylori stool antigen test (HpSA) is listed under GI Pathogen Tests.

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